new business cards & stickers

our new stickers and business cards arrived in the mail last night (ᵔᴥᵔ) 

i ordered them from 

moo makes the best business cards and i've ordered from them so many times. they're pricy, but the quality is truly the best. i love how you can print multiple designs in just one order. i usually wait till there's a good discount before ordering a bunch (they send out emails w/ promotions pretty often.) 

also i order them really far in advance--otherwise the shipping is insane. 

anyway, these designs are so good and we’re excited to hand them out soon . . . . . . 

 we’ve also updated the game’s website. i would like to post devlogs more often on here . . . . uhhh let's see how that goes ! 


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im coming for these business cards and butt stickers!!